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Course Description
MS in Computer and Communication Security (MS-CCS) aims to produce highly skilled professionals that are specialized in security aspects of information technology.

Why join this program

Information security is one of the most essential requirements for an information-based economy of the future. Organizations and people that use and depend on information technology must ensure that their systems are not compromised and exploited by attackers. This program will expose the students to the most advanced technologies to date in attacking computer and communication systems as well as preventing attacks. Students will have a solid foundation to conduct research and development in new security technologies which will give them a competitive advantage in the industry. It should be noted that this degree is intellectually challenging and students with a passion for problem solving using mathematics and/or computer programming will find this course very interesting and rewarding.

Associated Careers

The MS-CCS degree can create opportunities for employment as security consultants in major public service sectors, such as telecommunications and banking, as well as employment within specialist information security research and development companies (both local and foreign).