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Course Description

The BSCS program is a new program offered by SEECS. The aim of the degree is twofold: firstly to create well-rounded computer scientists who will fulfill the demand for computer science researchers and software developers in Pakistan and secondly to nurture entrepreneurship among the young computer scientists to promote innovation at a national level. The emphasis of entrepreneurship in the program will hopefully give birth to new developments in the field of computing. The students of this program will help in strengthening research projects in core computer science areas and bring new ideas for establishing independent businesses that shall contribute towards the economy of the country. The CS program will contain mandatory courses in the areas of artificial intelligence, compiler construction, theory of automata and formal languages, scientific computing and analysis of algorithms. In addition, the CS program will contain courses like Introduction to Management, Strategic Marketing and Management, Entrepreneurship, Intellectual Property, Accounting and New Business Ventures to encourage entrepreneurship in the students.


Why join this program?

The aim of the Bachelors in Computer Science degree is to produce well-rounded computer professionals who can create new technologies and ideas and devise new ways to use computers. The degree in CS is the most flexible of degrees and can open doors into the professional worlds of many other disciplines. Our CS program serves those students who wish to proceed as entrepreneurs or generalists in computing or who aspire to graduate study, research positions, or cross-disciplinary innovation.

This Program develops skills in students for applying the concepts, principles, and practices in Computer Science for analyzing and solving real world problems to support industry and research and development. The students are provided effective personal development and team-work skills for continuing professional growth and life-long learning and awareness of their social, professional and ethical responsibilities in national and international environment.


Associated Careers

Computer Science graduates have a world of career opportunities before them. The CS professionals can generate and implement creative solutions to difficult problems, as well as to train the next generation of computer scientists and software professionals. They not only can work as entrepreneurs but also have the option to work as software developers and analysts in many different sectors such as software industry, telecommunications, finance, healthcare etc.. In addition, the CS program develops a strong background for pursuing higher education and research. Graduates from our program can study and do research at the best universities and institutes around the world.