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The Intra-NUST football tournament could aptly be described as one hell of a bumpy ride! Filled with heart-racing matches, gut-wrenching suspense and never seen before sportsmanship, this particular tournament left the masses in awe and glued to their seats till the very end. Our very own SMME bolts began with a very strong start by defeating SADA. At the final moments of the match and an un-deciding score of 1-1, a goal by Hamza Khalid Qazi, the game was finally settled on penalties when SMME scored 6-5!

With the first victory on their side, SMME went on to face its “rival” SEECS. A combination of skills, tact and a level of greatness that can be only emanated by a man proudly carrying SMME’s name lead our team to its second victory when it defeated SEECS in penalties in a sudden death phase. SMME-Bolts were now as close to victory as possible with one final hurdle in the way; SCME.

 We expected the best from them and they without a doubt delivered it. SCME might have won but no one can call it an easy victory as one goal was all that the opposing team could get in and that sole goal sealed the faith of this year’s INTRA-NUST Tournament. Bravo SCME, you deserved this win!

 At the end of the day, it was heart-warming to see an amazing turnout in every single match that the BOLTS played! The crowd paid a special tribute to SMME's captain Hassaan Qamar who picked up an injury at the start of the match. SMME Bolts gave us every reason to be proud on that field. We'll be back next year! Stronger, more determined than ever, and ready to win it all! We can’t expect anything less from our BOLTS, now can we? One Name, One Team, SMME BOLTS!