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Student/Professional exchange program

1. As part of bilateral collaboration between Asian Institute of Technology (AIT), Bangkok and NUST-SMME, both institutions will be exchanging faculty and students with an aim to establish strong linkages in both academics and research. In the first stage, Dr. Muhammad Naveed of NUST-SMME will go to AIT as Visiting Faculty for the Spring 2013 semester. During his stay at AIT Dr. Naveed will engage in both teaching as well as research supervision of Mechatronics Engineering students from various countries. In the second stage of this collaboration, it is planned that students of AIT will come to study at NUST-SMME as exchange students where they will also engage in innovative and novel research oriented projects in various labs of NUST-SMME.

2. Dr. Yasar Ayaz was invited by New York University (NYU) to their Abu Dhabi Campus as a Visiting Professor for the Research Centric Summer School on Interactive Robotics and Media, June 2012. Participating students included students from various prestigious universities worldwide including Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), USA and Imperial College, London etc.

3. Mr. Usman Malik (Lab Engineer) of NUST-SMME won fully funded fellowship at New York University (NYU) to attend their Research Centric Summer School on Interactive Robotics and Media, June 2012 in Abu Dhabi. The prestigious fellowship included Return Air Ticket as well as Domestic Hospitality funded by New York University; and was awarded to Mr. Usman Malik on the basis of his research work under supervision of Dr. Yasar Ayaz at Robotics and Intelligent Systems Engineering (RISE) Lab at NUST-SMME.

Prof. Asghar Bhatti Visit

Prof. Asghar Bhatti from University of Iowa, USA will be visiting School of Mechanical and Manufacturing Engineering to conduct course on ‘’Design Optimization’’ commencing from December 25, 2013. This course will be offered as credit course to postgraduate students. This visit is sponsored by The United States Educational Foundation in Pakistan (USEFP).​​​​