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Head of Department Message
Mechanical Engineering, one of the oldest of Engineering professions, involves the application of Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics and other allied disciplines to the design, manufacturing and maintenance of mechanical systems in an environment friendly manner. The Department of Mechanical Engineering at SMME NUST aspires to become a supplier of high quality technical resource in the country and abroad. In addition to the devoted faculty and state of the art labs, the Mechanical Engineering programme prides itself in establishing and nurturing a continuous Academia – Industry collaboration. For this purpose, regular exchange of ideas takes place with representatives of the industry and their recommendations implemented. This has resulted in our graduates to be better prepared to meet the real life challenges of the industrial world. This is what makes us unique. Another challenge that we are trying to address is the change in student mindset – From job seeker to job provider. This is being accomplished through a phased programme of encouraging Entrepreneurial activities both within and outside the campus. Our students and faculty have won laurels both at the National as well as at the International level. A well regulated industrial internship programme and assigning real life projects in subjects like Entrepreneurship, Project Management, Manufacturing processes etc., are strong enablers in this direction. Final year projects too, provide an opportunity to the student, to integrate and apply his or her knowledge of the diverse Mechanical Engineering principles learnt during the course of their study. Our educational mission is to provide students with the functional knowledge, skills and professional experience by imparting high quality education for successful careers in industry & academia.