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Dr. Sana Waheed
Assistant Professor
Department of Mechanical Engineering

National University of Sciences and Technology (NUST)
Tel : +925190856026

Computational Solid Mechanics, small-scale mechanics, discrete dislocation plasticity

Ph. D. Imperial College London, UK B. A & M. Eng. University of Cambridge, UK

Dr Sana Waheed received her Ph.D. in Mechanical Engineering from Imperial College London, UK in 2018, prior to which she completed her B.A. and M. Eng. from the University of Cambridge, UK. Her research focuses on using planar discrete dislocation plasticity simulations to investigate various small-scale phenomena including reverse plasticity in confined volumes, dislocation mobility effects in BCC materials and the micromechanics of strain rate sensitivity in Ti alloys used in the aerospace industry. During her training, Dr Sana has also developed expertise in the finite element (FE) method and crystal plasticity FE modelling.

Awards & Honours

  • Imperial College London President’s PhD Scholarship (2015-2018)

  • University of Cambridge 800th Anniversary Scholarship (2010-2014)

  • Imperial College Union - Student Academic Choice Award nomination for teaching (2018)

  • Murray Edwards Rosemary Scholarship (2011-2014)

  • Cambridge University Engineering Department Prize (2013)

  • DAAD RISE Scholarship (2013)

  • Waheed, S., Zheng, Z., Balint, D. S. and Dunne, F. P. E., (2019), “Microstructural effects on strain rate and dwell sensitivity in dual phase titanium alloys”, Acta Mater., 162:136-148.

  • Zheng, Z.,Waheed, S., Balint, D. S. and Dunne, F. P. E., (2018), “Slip transfer across phase boundaries in dual phase titanium alloy and the effect on strain rate sensitivity”, Int. J. Plast., 104:23-28.

  • Waheed, S., Hao, R., Zheng, Z., Wheeler, J. M., Michler, J., Balint, D. S. and Giuliani, F., (2018), “Temperature-dependent plastic hysteresis in highly confined polycrystalline Nb films”, Model.

  • Waheed, S., Butcher, A. L. and Oyen, M. L., (2018), “The viscoelastic response of electrospun poly (vinyl alcohol) mats”, J. Mech. Behav. Biomed. Mater., 77:383-388

  • Patel, M.*, Waheed, S.*, Wenman, M. R., Sutton, A. P. and Balint, D. S., (2017), “Discrete Dislocation Plasticity Modelling of Hydrides in Zirconium under Thermal Cycling”, MRS Advances, 2(55):3353-3358 (*equal first authorship).

  •  Waheed, S., Hao, R., Bhowmik, A., Balint, D. S. and Giuliani, F., (2017), “A unifying scaling for the Bauschinger effect in highly confined thin films: a discrete dislocation plasticity study”, Model. Simul. Mater. Sc. Eng., 25:054003.


  • ME310 Mechanics of Materials-II (Fall 2018)

  • ME212 Mechanics of Materials-I (Spring 2019)


  • ME802 Finite Element Methods (Spring 2019)