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Dr Mian Ashfaq Ali
Assistant Professor
Department of Mechanical Engineering

National University of Sciences and Technology (NUST)
H-12, NUST HQ, Islamabad
Tel :  

Automotive Engineering

PhD,(Mechatronics Engineering), Hanyang University, Korea

  • PhD Mechatronics Engineering, Hanyang University South Korea (2015)

  • MS Mechanical Engineering, Hanyang University South Korea (2009)

  • B.Sc. Mechanical Engineering, UET Peshawar (2005/2006)

  • PEC Registered Engineer

  • HEC Approved Supervisor

  • Member of Korean Society of Automotive Engineer

  • Member of The International Federation of Automotive Engineering Societies, FISITA

Research Area

  • Mechanical System Integration 

  • Mechatronics Design

  • Reverse Engineering of Mechanical System and Machines

  • Vacuum Forming Machine

  • Sensor Technology and Data Acquisition Systems

  • Modelling of Mechanical Systems


  • Development of engine blow-by meter RAM-BB2, Patent Application No: 854/2011.

  • Development of engine blow-by meter based on micro controller, Patent Application No: 190/2013.

  • Kim, C., Ashfaq, A. M., Kim, S., Back, S., Kim, Y., Hwang, S., ... & Han, C. (2015). Motion Control of a 6WD/6WS wheeled platform with in-wheel motors to improve its maneuverability. International Journal of Control, Automation and Systems, 13(2), 434-442.

  • Kim, C. J., Mian, A. A., Kim, S. H., Back, S. H., Jang, H. B., Jang, J. H., & Han, C. S. (2015). Performance evaluation of integrated control of direct yaw moment and slip ratio control for electric vehicle with rear in-wheel motors on split-mu road. International Journal of Automotive Technology, 16(6), 939-946.

  • Ali, M. A., Kim, C., Kim, S., Khan, A. M., Iqbal, J., Khalil, M. Z., ... & Han, C. (2017). Lateral acceleration potential field function control for rollover safety of multi-wheel military vehicle with in-wheel-motors. International Journal of Control, Automation and Systems, 15(2), 837-847.

  • Khan, A. M., Yun, D. W., Ali, M. A., Zuhaib, K. M., Yuan, C., Iqbal, J., ... & Han, C. (2016). Passivity based adaptive control for upper extremity assist exoskeleton. International Journal of Control, Automation and Systems, 14(1), 291-300.

  • Iqbal, J., Zuhaib, K., Han, C., Khan, A., & Ali, M. (2017). Adaptive global fast sliding mode control for steer-by-wire system road vehicles. Applied Sciences, 7(7), 738.

  • Zuhaib, K., Khan, A., Iqbal, J., Ali, M., Usman, M., Ali, A., ... & Han, C. (2017). Collision avoidance from multiple passive agents with partially predictable behavior. Applied Sciences, 7(9), 903.

  • Zahid, R., Hj. Hassan, M., Alabdulkarem, A., Varman, M., Kalam, M. A., Mufti, R. A., ... & Abdullah, U. (2018). Tribological characteristics comparison of formulated palm trimethylolpropane ester and polyalphaolefin for cam/tappet interface of direct acting valve train system. Industrial Lubrication and Tribology, 70(5), 888-901.

  • Khan, N. B., Ibrahim, Z. B., Ali, M. A., Jameel, M., Khan, M. I., Javanmardi, A., & Oyejobi, D. O. (2019). Numerical simulation of flow with large eddy simulation at Re= 3900: A study on the accuracy of statistical quantities. International Journal of Numerical Methods for Heat & Fluid Flow.

  • Khurram, M., Mufti, R. A., Bhutta, M. U., Afzal, N., Abdullah, M. U., ur Rahman, S., ... & Umar, M. (2019). Roller sliding in engine valve train: Effect of oil film thickness considering lubricant composition. Tribology International.

  • Khan, A. M., Ji, Y. H., Ali, M. A., Han, J. S., & Han, C. S. (2015). Passivity based adaptive control and its optimization for upper limb assist exoskeleton robot. Journal of the Korean Society for Precision Engineering, 32(10), 857-863.

  • ALI, M. A., KHAN, A. M., & HAN, C. S. Potential Field Function based Vehicle Lateral Stability Control.

  • Lim, D. H., Kim, W. S., Ali, M. A., & Han, C. S. (2015). Development of Insole Sensor System and Gait Phase Detection Algorithm for Lower Extremity Exoskeleton. Journal of the Korean Society for Precision Engineering, 32(12), 1065-1072.


  • Mechanics of Material-1

  • Mechanical Vibration

  • Mechanical Technology

  • Vehicle Design Performance

Post Graduate

  • Linear Control System

  • Digital Control System

  • Fuzzy Logic Control

  • Vehicle Dynamics and Control​

  • Development of Torque Control Algorithm for Multi-wheeled military vehicle. (Hyundai Rotem Company Korea)

  • Electric Wheel Chair Line Tracking (CnR Lab South Korea)

  • Engine Health Monitoring System for Light Vehicle. (Millat Tractors Limited)

  • Engine Health Monitoring System for Heavy Duty Engines. (Pakistan Army)

  • Engine Blow-by Monitoring System for Power Units

  • Design and Development of Engine Test Cell. (Millat Tractors Limited)

  • Installation of Central Vacuum Plant of Cigarette Manufacturing Machines. (Khyber Tobacco Company) 

  • Design and Development of Vacuum Forming Machine funded by HEC Technology Development Fund

  • Development of Prototype Electric Vehicle for Motion Control, Active Safety, and High Efficiency using In-Wheel Motor Dynamics funded by HEC (NRPU Project)

  • Development of Vibration Test Bench for Stand of Short Machine Gun

  • Upgradation of Hydraulic Reaction Floor (40 Ton) for Testing of Large Concrete Beams at NICE NUST