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Engine Blow-By Indicator

Blow-by is the gas entering the crankcase during a normal combustion stroke in engine. It is composed of moisture, air, fuel, oil and combustion by-products. Blow-by happens as rings and cylinder liners wear away they are less capable of maintaining the seal. Consequently as car ages the amount of blow-by that occurs increases. Soot and deposits left over from incomplete combustion that collects on the rings also inhibits their seal aggravating the blow-by.

Blow-by inhibits the performance because it reduces the compression. When expanding gases slips past the rings and cannot push the piston down effectively and car will have less horsepower then stated. The blow-by contents will dilute and contaminate the oil in the sump which will increase in the engine wear.

The Engine Blow-By Indicator helps to monitor engine health and saves time and money for opening the engine for manual monitoring. The engine can be maintained as indicator depicts the engine blow by from which time for the engine repair can be deduced. The repair cost and time can be reduced before the damage to the engine is fatal with the help of Engine Blow-By Indicator. ​