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Automotive Research Centre (The ARC)
Research Group Members:
1) Professor R.A. Mufti (Director Research, SMME)
2) Dr S. R. Shah (Assistant Professor)
3) Dr Y. Habib (Assistant Professor, CAMP)
4) Mr Mian Ashfaq 
5) Mr Rehan Zahid (LAB Engineer)
6) Mr Jawad Aslam (Lecturer)
7) Mr Fazal Badshah (LAB TECH)

We are one of the leading research groups focusing on engine tribology, powertrain systems, IC engines, sensor technology, data acquisition and instrumentation. Apart from supporting automotive industries we are providing cost effective and robust solutions to a wide range of mechanical related industries. We have successfully worked with reputed National and International companies and are well aware of customer needs.
Research Projects (Completed ):
1) Engine Blow-by monitoring system for off-road vehicles Client: Millat Tractors
2) Instrumentation and testing of Audi TDi engine for valve train performance. Client: British Petroleum UK
3) Engine health monitoring system for engines up to 150kw Client: United Traders
4) Customized engine blow-by measuring system for power units. Client: Power Vision
5) Engine Test Cell for green Engines. Client: Millat Tractors
Research Project (in Progress):
1) Engine valve train friction for fuel economy (PSF)
2) Mercedes Benz OM464 engine valve train performance (Lubrizol USA)
4) Development of complete engine test cell for OEM (Millat Tractors)
6) Instantaneous oil consumption measurement system (Millat Tractors)
7) Multi-purpose powertrain test rig
8) Wear and lubrication maps
9) Calculation of film thicknesses in elasto-hydrodynamic lubrication.
10) Development of new techniques for engine component performance
11) Design and development of special sensors for automotive industries.
12) Lubricant-Engine compatibility studies.
Commercial Products:
1) Engine blow-by monitoring system for Power Units up to 750 bhp. (Rs 130,000/-)
2) Engine Blow-by monitoring system for diesel engines up to 150kw
a. RAM-BB1 is portable plug and play system which can be connected to any laptop or computer through USB port. (PRs 285,000/-)
b. RAM-BB2 is a standalone system with built-in panel PC specially designed for field applications. (PRs 335,000/-)
3) Engine blow-by indicator for workshops and dealers.(Rs 40,000/-)
1) Development of engine blow-by meter RAM-BB2, Patent Application No: 854/2011.
2) Oil film thickness measurement system for engine journal bearings using localized capacitive technique, Patent Application No: 188/2013
3) Development of engine blow-by meter based on micro controller, Patent Application No: 190/2013.
4) Technique and apparatus for engine tappet speed monitoring system, Patent Application No: 189/2013.
5) Method and apparatus for measuring the torque on the camshaft of an internal combustion engine (Patent No: EP1816456)
6) Method for the measurement of the rotation of a valve train follower and apparatus for carrying out the method (Patent No: EP1835135)
Contact information:
Professor R.A Mufti (Director Research, SMME)
Office No.: 051-90856055