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Advance Research in Cancer Materials and Neuroscience (ARCMAN)
  • Intelligent Stents and Grafts for the treatment of vascular /non-vascular cardiac and cancer diseases. Anisotropic Bone stent device for the healing of long bone fractures
  • Techniques to improve learning through motor skill acquisition in normal subjects and maximization of motor recovery in stroke patients
  • Internal Fixation device for spinal and long bone fracture healing
  • Research on interaction of surgical tools with bone tissue, which involves Ultrasonically-assisted cutting for minimal invasive orthopedic surgeries and the development of thermo-mechanical finite element model of bone cutting
  • Brain rehabilitation and neuro-prosthetic systems
  • Smart Bandage having Drug Dispensation and Tunable Porosity System for effective wound healing management
  • 3D porous scaffolds for both soft and hard (bone) tissue guided tissue remodeling/repair
  • Nano-fibers for in vivo drug delivery systems and in Regenerative medicine
  • Soft Tissue Replacement / Augmentation device
  • Cancer diagnosis and treatment based on bacterial directed technology and phytochemical therapy
  • Treatment modalities for the prevention of cancer by targeting survival signaling, radioresistance and chemoreistance genes

 Research Labs

Human Systems Lab
Prosthetics Lab
Molecular Pharmacology and Oncology Lab

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