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Robotics and Intelligent Systems Engineering(RISE)

Research Group Members:

  1. Dr. Yasar Ayaz (HOD R&AI)
  2. Dr. Muhammad Naveed (On Leave)
  3. Dr. Umar Ansari
  4. Ms. Sara Baber Sial
  5. Mr. Fahad Islam
  6. Ms. Saadia Qamar
  7. Mr. Vaqas Arshad (On Leave)
  8. Mr. Fahad Iqbal Khawaja (On Leave)
  9. Mr. Fazal Ahmad Azad


RISE Lab & Research Center is carrying out research in the area of cognitive robotics and machine intelligence with a special focus on design, control, environment perception and motion planning for robotic systems including mobile robots, humanoid robots, multi-legged robots, intelligent prosthesis bionics and robotic manipulators etc.

Research Projects (in progress):

Humanoids and Legged Robots

1) RoboCup: Standard Platforms League

- First and Only Team which qualified for RoboCup Top / Standard Platforms League

- Covered by 6 TV Channels including: BBC, Samaa TV, Channel 92 News HD, Neo TV, Pakistan Television (PTV), Sach TV

2) Footstep Planning Among Obstacles for Humanoid Robots

- Cited by Top Universities of more than 12 countries

3) NUSTBOT-3 Humanoid Robot

- Third Humanoid Robot in NUSTBOT Robots Series

Mobile Robotics

4) Intelligent Wheelchair Project

- Collaboration: Sakura Wheelchairs, JAPAN & Carnegie Mellon University, USA

5) Motion Planning for Mobile Robots

6) Environment Perception in Human Environments

7) Human Tracking and Following for Service Robots

8) Perceptual Aliasing for Service Robots

Motion Planning

9) Sampling Based Optimal Motion Planning

- Cited by top universities including Carnegie Mellon, KAIST etc

10) Autowave Based Motion Planning

Cybernetics and Bionics

(Collaboration: Armed Forces Institute of Rehabilitation Medicine (AFIRM) & SHIFA International Hospital)

11) Human-EEG based control of robots

12) Intelligent Robotic Prosthetic Hand.

13) Upper Limb Exoskeleton Device

14) Active Prosthetic Foot

15) Active Ankle-Foot Robotic Exoskeleton Device.

Human-Robot Interaction

16) Communication through Expressive Emotions

17) Interactive Humanoid Robot

Contact information:

Dr. Yasar Ayaz (HOD R&AI)

Office No.: +92-51-9085-6058