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Course Description

The mission of the MS program in Mechanical Engineering is to impart knowledge in the art and science of mechanical engineering through a comprehensive and advanced curriculum that produces specialised mechanical engineers of high ethics and skill, fully prepared for entry into industry, government, graduate school and private enterprise. The curriculum covers broad range of areas such as design, thermo-fluids and management. The laboratories are equipped with state-of-the-art facilities in material characterization, design and analysis of automotive systems, instrumentation and computational mechanics. The program is expected to enable the students to research, design, develop, test, evaluate and implement engineering solutions to problems that are of a complexity encountered in professional practice. The interdisciplinary nature of the curriculum allows the students to communicate effectively with colleagues in other disciplines such as manufacturing, biomedical engineering, robotics and architecture etc. The student will be made proficient with computer-based design simulation and analysis tools. The department has the most dedicated, student-focused faculty available to guide the students at every stage of their research.