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Course Description
This educational program has been started to address the demands of the modern industry. We at SMME are well- aware of the fact that today’s graduates must have the knowledge of the actual state of the industry, its culture and the complex interactive management and operating systems which are based on value-added efforts, team performance and result-oriented leadership.
SMME is offering MS and PhD program in Design & Manufacturing Engineering and aspires to develop expertise in other disciplines as well. The purpose of the program is to develop understanding of manufacturing and management techniques along with specialization in Manufacturing Engineering, Design Engineering and Industrial Engineering. The program provides a firm foundation in lean manufacturing, product engineering, quality systems, and skills for effective utilization of human and corporate resources necessary to improve manufacturing business performance. It integrates systems perspectives, combining the classroom learning of engineering and business with laboratory work, plant tours, industry-related internship & research project. It also provides ample opportunities to work in teams with other manufacturing professionals to analyze real-time problems and develop economical solutions.
The Masters Program students are required to complete 22 classroom credit hours, 2 laboratory credit hours and an
industrial research thesis of six credit hours. Laboratory work includes understanding and use of CIM, Micro CIM, CNC and Rapid Prototyping. The thesis is designed to provide a platform for the students to demonstrate competencies in learned methodologies and acquired skills to enhance real-time manufacturing and business performance. The “partner manufacturing industry” serves as a laboratory for the research project. The Program will inculcate the skills and ability in the students to effectively fulfill the requirements of such positions as Manufacturing Systems Engineer, Process Improvement Specialist, Lean Manufacturing Consultant, Supply Chain / Logistics Systems Specialist and Manufacturing Business Planner / Consultant.