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Course Description
The program offers MS degree to the students with different backgrounds and provides them education and training in different areas of Biomedical engineering and sciences. The curriculum of Biomedical Postgraduate program is designed to match the needs of local and international industry, health organizations and institutes, research and development, as well as prevailing needs of higher education in the world. The typical pursuits of the program include:
  • Design, development and improvement of diagnostic, therapeutic and laboratory instruments and equipment
  • Biomedical Signals and Images processing
  • Research and development in surgical implants, dental needs, artificial organs and design aids for the handicapped
  • Computer modeling of physiological functions and study of body fluid dynamics
  • Research and development in neuroprosthetics, neuroscience andneuroengineering
  • Genetic Engineering
    The Master course consists of eight taught lecture modules plus a research project work. Each taught module is self-contained, and covers a complete topic. Out of eight taught courses, four courses are Core Courses. The core courses are common and compulsory for all students, while the remaining four courses may be selected from any field of specialty (i.e. Biomedical Engineering / Biomedical Sciences.