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Our Quaid: As Remembered and Reported

About the Author

Professor Aslam Bazmi did Master’s in English Literature from Government College (GC), Lahore and joined Pakistan Air Force as an education officer in 1976. He served on different assignments, including Deputy Director PAF Schools and Colleges; Head of Humanities, Directorate of Studies at PAF Academy, Risalpur; Deputy Secretary to Chief of Air Staff; Director of Education and Assistant Chief of the Air Staff (Education). He also earned a Master’s degree in English Language Teaching from the University of Essex, UK.

As a student, he was editor of Patras (English Section), a magazine of the New Hostel, Government College, Lahore. Later, during his service, he edited various PAF journals and magazines, including Shaheen. He translated the History of the Pakistan Air Force (1947-82) with Muzaffar Ali Syed, and edited My Years in Blue Uniform (2005), the memoirs of Atta Rabbani (Quaid’s first Air ADC). His publications include Snowflakes (1994); Talkshop (1998); Winning Attitudes (2002); Bazmics (2002); The Voyage to Eternity (2009) and Humorously Yours (2012).

He is currently serving as Director (Humanities) at NUST School of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science.


Book Reviews

'By producing a handy anthology of events, anecdotes and tributes in the context of Mohammad Ali Jinnah, the founder of Pakistan, Professor Bazmi has rendered a laudable service not only to Pakistani nation but  also to perceptive readership the world over. Quaid-i-Azam’s stunning charisma and enviable character, distinguished by his dignified poise, infallible faith, immense courage and irreproachable integrity, will strike the reader with instant awe and admiration. His achievement of creating a separate homeland for the Muslims of Indian subcontinent baffled the British imperialism and Hindu chauvinism alike!

'Pieced together, anecdotes, tributes as well as excerpts from the Quaid’s different speeches, forge a gripping kaleidoscope portraying a magnificent leader, with few equals in history. This, in my view, is the cardinal feature and forte of Our Quaid: As Remembered and Reported.  Now, one does not have to scour numerous works to pick examples of Quaid-i-Azam’s sagacity, courage, integrity, morally upright conduct and adherence to truth at all costs. I consider the book a highly worthwhile contribution towards enlightening the public at large on what quintessentially made Mohammad Ali Jinnah a leader worthy of highest esteem.'

Prof Talat Khurshid 

Consultant / Specialist CIP TESP World Bank, Former Adviser to Rector, COMSATS (CIIT), Adviser Academics/P&D, HEC



'True leadership is forged by a rare blend of intellect, vision, courage, character and commitment. These ennobling and edifying traits formed the bedrock of Mohammad Ali Jinnah’s towering statesmanship eclipsing all his contemporaries. He was indisputably the greatest leader of his times, a heavenly-sent saviour for the beleaguered Muslims of India. Sadly, we have consigned to oblivion his timeless teachings of courage, honesty, truthfulness and integrity. Professor Bazmi rightly deserves deep appreciation for bringing out a beautiful book in his crisp literary style on the Father of the Nation. I have found this anecdotal account highly inspiring, elevating and engaging with sound character-building effects. Notwithstanding its size, the book aptly portrays various facets of the richly illustrious life and character of Quaid-i-Azam: his indomitable will, invincible courage and unimpeachable integrity. I hope Our Quaid: As Remembered and Reported will admirably serve its purpose of enlightening and inspiring readers, both at home and abroad.'

Justice Dr Fida Muhammad Khan

Federal Shariat Court, Islamabad