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​Student  Affairs Directorate comprises four main sections, namely Student Affairs, Publishing, Libraries and Archive. The  purpose is to promote excellence in learning and research, strengthen and consolidate the brand identity of NUST and play  a  key role in preserving the legacy of the University. Established in 2010, the Directorate is actively engaged in pursuing its aims and objectives to promote the objectives of the University. As a platform for the promotion of cocurricular activities, diffusion of knowledge, and the archiving of history. The directorate is open to all those who wish to avail its services.


The directorate is envisioned to grow as a vibrant set-up providing suitable platform to students to pursue their passion for   co-curricular activities and explore their potential to grow as wholesome persons with will and skills to lead and work in teams. 


 Engage students in healthy co-curricular activities to help them explore and exploit their potential

Function / Responsibilities

  • Facilitate / coordinate activities of Clubs and Societies
  • Marketing  student events and programs
  • Ensure administrative and financial support for smooth and transparent conduct of student activities.
  • Preparation of student nominal rolls through institutions for participation in prestigious national and international events