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Grow as a central resource and repository of information and archival material


Collect, protect and preserve archival material, including documents, images, artifacts, and audio / visual content for ready reference and retrieval


  • Collection of archival material from constituent institutions and offices
  • Development of a secure system for preservation and retrieval of information
  • Use of efficient and up-to-date archiving system for record and reference
  • Display of important documents and artifacts for general awareness and education of students and staff at the University
  • Restoration and preservation of old records
  • Core values

  • Confidentiality: Employees’ personal records and information of sensitive nature will be kept strictly private and only authorized and / or related persons will have access to it.
  • Proactive Policy: The process of collection and feeding of information into the archiving database shall be proactive; the information shall be stored directly.
  • Exhaustiveness: All records shall be maintained in their entirety, with dates, sources of information, manner of acquisition, etc.