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Completion of 16 Water Well Installations in Thar

As of August 2015, NUST completes 16 water well installations in Thar for resolving the water procurement issue of the drought-struck area.

In an effort to improve the health and hygiene of the rural population of Sindh, NUST Community Service Club (NCSC), with the support of NUST Administration, successfully completed the installation of 16 water wells in Thar.

While the first phase of the project, completed during Feb-Mar 2015, comprised the building of a single water well in district Umerkot, the second phase, completed during May-Aug 2015, has seen the successful completion of 15 more wells in different areas of Thar, thus bringing the total to 16.

The project was completed in collaboration with Association for Water, Applied Education & Renewable Energy (AWARE), who worked on the installation of the water wells for the residents of Thar.

After the success of the first water well installation, AWARE proposed to provide safe drinking water through water well installation in order to improve the health and hygiene conditions in 15 villages of the Union Council Khejrari & Faqeer Abdullah Taluka and District Umerkot. The project was based on the installation of 15 water wells. The total population of the beneficiaries is 4,678 souls who are collectively part of 832 households.

On May 22, 2015, two students from NUST belonging to the Thar area visited the 15 sites and met community partners for a need analysis survey before initiating the project.

The major purpose of the project was to make it easier for the villagers to draw up underground water, so that they would get some relief from the difficult practice of dragging out water from a depth of 200 feet.

Because of the difficulty and extreme exertion involved in procuring underground water from such great depth for everyday purposes, the inhabitants of Thar are compelled to use lower and lower amounts of water for their everyday needs, resulting in hygiene issues, which, ultimately, affect the health and living standards of the population. Moreover, it is often the women and children who have to bear the major brunt of the situation. The children are tasked with looking after the animals which are used for hauling water buckets from the dug wells, and the women are supposed to fetch the water in pitchers, carrying them on their heads all the way home.

Project Water Well Thar in Numbers (Statistics for Phase 2)

The main objectives achieved from the installation of the wells include:

  • Provision of safe drinking water to 4,678 souls of 11 villages through the installation of 15 water wells to improve the health and hygiene of the people in project period
  • Reduction of absenteeism and drop-out ratio among school-going children through the provision of easy access to water in 11 villages in project period
  • Promotion of a participatory development approach, by engaging the community to increase the access of the people in U.C Khejrari & Faqeer Abdullah to safe drinking water through the installation of 15 water wells
  • Improvement of the health and hygiene of the people by providing safe drinking water and raising awareness among them
  • The project was completed on August 25, 2015.



     Project Origins and Future Plans

    The water well project was initiated with the installation of a well in Ratan Bheel Paro of union council Khejrari, district Umerkot, Sindh, which benefited 350 people from 50 households.

    Read more about the Umerkot project here.

    The response from the donors was highly encouraging and NUST Admin and NCSC decided to extend their efforts in resolving the water procurement issue of the drought struck area by building 15 more wells.

    Furthermore, a feasibility study of 10 more wells has been requested from AWARE. The installation of these 10 wells is expected to be completed next year.

    NCSC would like to thank all its donors in sponsoring the wells and doing their part in addressing the water procurement issue of several areas by the construction of a total of 16 water wells by NUST.


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