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Brought to you by the Dramaybaaz of NUST Dramatics Club, 23rd May saw an evening of ostentatious gratification, a night of surging talent. 

We gathered in the name of supporting our newly found rising stars. The Drama Fest served to be the last event by any society for this semester, hence, we aimed for an interactive time; to celebrate, encourage, cheer, and enlighten the new found, persevering actors. Every School of NUST was invited to this platform to showcase their theatrical and dramatic skills.

Predominantly focused on acting debuts, the night started off with a performance by the freshmen batch of S3H; their play titled ‘Intoxicated Truths’. An exuberant work, centric to the unfair and unruly dynamics of our justice system. 

Following this, was a persistent effort by SEECS. With their theme about domestic inequalities, and the issues that arise thus, it was certainly an excellent effort. Unfortunately, as per the laid-out rules, their play had to be cut off due to exceeding time. Nonetheless, their performances were laced with valuable lessons wrapped up in whimsical theatrics.

Crowds do not bear well in stagnancy and sequence. To break things up a little, and spice up the air, Saif from SEECS and Haider Ali from SNS wooed the audience with an astounding dance number. With the floor pulsing to the beat, the lights gleaming to the rhythm, our dancers owned the floor. Every step, every move, every fleet, holding the crowds’ gaze till the last moment. 

The final contestant play, an exemplary endeavor by students of SNS. With their rich, buoyant, somber spectrum of command, addressing a harrowingly arduous subject, sprouting on the land strive for. Their deliverance, their ingenuity, their commitment, their devoir truly deserved the escalated reaction it got. Manipulating the audience’s emotions, hanging them on the edge of tears and silent screams, SNS certainly presented what podiums like ours must be used for. 

The best ending, we saw possible, in context of theatrical expertise was with our host play; an epitome of dexterous dramatics, a drama laced with energy. A beguiling production by the best of the club, ‘Dafa 302’ charmed its way through this crowd, as it has done everywhere it’s performed. 

The night ended on a musical note, with packed, spirited performances by the sprightly trio of Rhythm 24, which brought the crowd to their feet, their hearts roaring out to the cadence. 


Through the delays and the defections, the NDC team prided. Bringing to you, once again, a night of joy and laughter, a night to remember, a night to cherish. A night, which proved the dedication, the determination, and the diligence of our team. 

National University of Sciences and Technology H-12, Islamabad, Pakistan
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