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NUST Celebrates Pakistan Day

With an aim to pay tribute to the sacrifices of our fore-fathers and to celebrate 74th Pakistan day, NPBK came up with a bilingual Declamation Contest held on 26th March, 2014 and a motivational talk with Amjad Islam Amjad under the name “Umeed-e-Sehar ki baat suno” on 28th March, 2014 along with the an online Photo Contest with the similar theme.

SCEE auditorium was all set, themed green for the declamation contest as the judges Miss Maria Qadri and Mr. Ilyas Chishti took their seats along with the chief guest Brig Tariq Mehmood, Principal SCEE. Students from all the campuses of NUST including the military schools were represented each by a team of two orators. The contest began on time right after the recitation of the holy Quran and President NBPK’s words. “Islam a religion of peace, portrayed otherwise” was the topics chosen by the English debaters from IGIS, NICE, E&ME SMME, AMC, ASAB CES while “It’s not the walls that make the city; it’s the man who makes it”  was the topic picked  for debate by the participants from MCE, SEECS, SCME.While all three topics, “Shab ki rag rag say laho phut raha ho jesay”, “Ham Mohibb e Watan Hain”, and “Watan Jab Khoon Mangay Ga Tou Kiya Dain Gay?”made it to be the choice of the participants for the Urdu debate. The declamation concluded with GC Pir Faraz as the runner up and Mahad Qureshi bagging the first prize in English contest, along with Mashood Afzal being declared as the runner up and Ahmed Cheema as the winner for the Urdu debates.

The SCEE auditorium was again fully occupied on 28th March as the students waited for the talk with Amjad Islam Amjad, “umeed-e-sehar ki baat suno” as the day two of Pakistan Day celebration began. The event started in the usual formal manner with recitation of the holy Quran and the address by President NBPK. To stir up the environment with patriotism, the audience was asked to stand up in honor of national Anthem. Another heart touching video was shared with the attendees to further motivate their spirits.

Unlike the casual speakers Mr. Amjad began his talk in a very friendly conversing manner highlighting the complete history and background behind the Lahore Resolution 1940.  He talked directly to the students engaging with them every now and then with a few humorous moments. He emphasized on the importance of time and treatment it gives to the people who work hard and who waste it. He appreciated the talent our country has been blessed with pointing out team work as the lacking we have. Along with a much intriguing and thought provoking conversation, Mr. Amjad also presented a few very special pieces from his work.

To give the ceremony a closure, our very own band from NUST mesmerized the audience with the Rubab and guitar performance.

Pakistan Day celebration came to an end as satisfied faces left the venue giving another moment of pride for the hardworking team of NUST Bazm-e-Pakistan.

National University of Sciences and Technology H-12, Islamabad, Pakistan
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