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NUST Emergency Medical Training 2014 (NEMT ’14)

Emergency training is prerequisite to handle any disaster and to cope up with on the spot dilemmas in the times of crisis. Throughout the world emergency education is the part of curriculum. In a third world country like Pakistan where the uncertain calamities are endured everyday unfortunately there is no trend of emergency training. Keeping in view this bitter actuality, NBIOS (NUST BioReach Society) in collaboration with LUMS EMS (Emergency Medical Services) took an initiative and administrated a three-day emergency training program from March 21- 23, 2014, at Atta-ur-Rehman School of Applied Biosciences, NUST, in order to equip students with basic MFR (medical first responders) skills and to give them a strategic head start to lay the foundation of NUST EMS.

With the mantra “you don’t have to be doctors to save lives” the session was inaugurated with the arrival of 9 awaited LUMS EMS trainers and 50 fortunate NUSTians belonging to various schools of NUST. Trainers and trainees were officially welcomed by the NBIOS event head and the LUMS EMS head followed by an interesting ice breaking session. Trainees were divided into 10 teams, each headed by a team leader in order to effectively impart training and monitor their progress. Lectures unfolding basic course and techniques were delivered along with practical demonstrations. 

The second day saw the complexity level of the training being increased and surprisingly an increased eagerness was also observed in the participants. After the traditional lectures on treating fire scorched victims, poisoned individuals, and demonstrations on nursing the fractured or impaled patients, practical proficiency testing was held based on mock cases of different medical conditions such as hypoglycemia, asthma, drug overdose, hypertension among others, to evaluate the progress of the young NUSTians.

Third day’s dawn witnessed a thrill and joy in the participants accompanied with raised stress level as their final evaluation was to be made on this day. In the beginning lectures were delivered, followed by an emergency triage assessment, which combined different emergency scenarios learnt by the teams and tested each team’s first-response skills. An unusual fervor to be first in the race was observed in each team and every team member. The participants dealt with emergency scenarios aptly and were accordingly evaluated by trainers.


According to LUMS EMS head, “when I started teaching I felt I am speaking to a group of uninterested nerds but they are so brilliant that even I left learning from them”.

The event reached its finale with a closing ceremony, graced by the presence of honorable Rector NUST Engr. Muhammad Asghar and other dignitaries. Rector NUST acknowledged the efforts put in by NUST BioReach Society for organizing a worthwhile event. He congratulated the entire NBIOS team on the success of the event and appreciated LUMS EMS body’s drive for a noble cause. Furthermore, he also stressed upon the future collaborations between NUST and LUMS.

NEMT not only made participants adept at handling emergencies but also inculcated in them a philanthropic enthusiasm. Participants have high hopes for establishment of EMS at NUST and NBIOS (NUST BioReach Society) envisions to establish an around the clock student EMS service in order to serve the NUST community.  NEMT’14 is the first concrete step towards that direction.

National University of Sciences and Technology H-12, Islamabad, Pakistan
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