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NUST Street Carnival

NUST Street Carnival was held by NUST Fine Arts Club on the evening of April 18, 2014, with Djuice platinum sponsorship and Samaa-FM as official media partners.

The event was inspired by the Carnivale de Venetia (The Venice Carnival), aiming to bring all the magic and mystique of the ‘city of gondolas’ to NUST. All the constituent schools were invited to participate in various events, described below:

i. Venetian Parade: Groups of students, representative of their respective schools participated in a grand parade on the Scholar’s Avenue, boasting their school colours as the crowd cheered along.

ii. NUST Talent Show: This was a showcase of the NUST’s most talented students, chosen from Talent Hunt auditions.

iii. Food, music and entertainment stalls: These were set up under one grand canopy as students mingled with each other, wearing masquerade masks and enjoying the mystique ambience of the party.

The event was delayed by a few hours due to rain, because of which the Venetian Parade had to be cancelled, unfortunately. However, once the clouds cleared, the event continued as per schedule, thus turning out to be a major success.

The organizing committee had been working hard day in and day out for the past month to breathe life into the idea of the NUST Street Carnival. The result was exhibited on the day of the event through the splendid décor, the talent and the organization of the programmes. With 60 gifted students screened after the auditions of more than a 100 students for the talent hunt, and a 700 strong audience, the evening captured the essence of the historic festival perfectly.

The lights were hung up, the stage was set and students began to arrive at the venue by late afternoon. Mr Sikandar Ajam, Principal School of Art, Design & Architecture (SADA), lit the inaugural beacon for the initiation of the carnival. A marching band was also invited. The students indulged in different food and entertainment stalls, some set up by local foot outlets names such as Capital Delights, Subway, Pappasallis and Olive Garden, while others were set up by students. Fortune telling, tattoo making, jewellery, paper lamps and a photo booth were also set up by our students to bring the aura of the Venetian Carnival to the night.

Amidst all these stalls, the Talent Show stage was set up in the centre. Famous art personalities invited as judges were seated in due time, the hosts arrived on stage with their masks on and the event began by late evening. Participants exhibited their talent from different fields of fine arts were given scores out 10 by each judge. The different categories of talent included:

i. Free hand sketching and painting

ii. Music (Singing, Beat boxing and Instrumentals)

iii. Theatrical performances

The professionals invited to judge the participants were Mrs Baroosh Ahsan, Mr. Salman Adil, Miss Narjis Mirza, Mr. Sparley Ravail and Mrs. Rashda Faridi. Apart from the participants, volunteers from the audience were also given a chance to showcase their talent on stage. One of the judges, Mr. Salman Adil, also took to the stage, leaving the audience mesmerized with his soulful flute performance.

The talent show was the star event of the carnival and was thoroughly enjoyed by the audience and the participants. At the end of the show, the judges compiled the scores, and shields were awarded to the winners of the respective categories, which marked the conclusion of the carnival. Post event activities included distribution of certificates to the organizing committee and group photographs of the club members.

This was the first major event held by NUST Fine Arts Club (NFAC). The success of the NUST Street Carnival is the first milestone on the road-map to make NFAC one of the most active clubs of the university, dedicated to celebrating art and culture at NUST. With the aim of exhibiting the individuality of every student at NUST, NFAC has a variety of exciting plans, projects and events in store for the future.  

Click below for the carnival newsletter!

Nust street Carnival.pdfNust street Carnival.pdf 

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