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Zero Level for Visit Policy

All the degree awarding universities and affiliated colleges in Pakistan are hereby informed that in the future, before launching any new engineering programs or disciplines, the Pakistan Engineering Council (PEC) must be informed in writing, along with the provision of complete, detailed information related to the said engineering programs to the PEC by the institutions. It is the sole responsibility of such institutions to have the essential pre-requisites, such as faculty, laboratories, laboratory staff, library and building, etc. ready before establishing an engineering institution. It may be noted that all such institutions must inform the PEC at least six months in advance, so as to enable the latter to conduct a zero level visit. In case of failure to do so, the PEC shall not be obliged to carry out any subsequent visits or inspections of such institutions for the accreditation of their programs, as was the practice in the past. Therefore, it must be absolutely clear that noncompliance may result in the non registration of their graduates by the PEC.

To follow the PEC's prescribed rules/ criteria, please get a copy of the 'Guidelines for the Establishment of Engineering Program' from PEC.

Secretary/Registrar, PEC

Ataturk Avenue (East)

Sector G-5/2, Islamabad