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NUST Events

​  Resource Person for Events Organized at NUST

  Quality Assurance Directorate and different Campuses of NUST arranged various events for the purpose of capacity building of NUST faculty and staff.   Director Quality Assurance as Resource Person has conducted following activities: 





​Seminar ​Awareness Seminar on University Ranking & OBE for College of Electrical and Mechanical Engineering (Coll of E&ME), Rawalpindi:
Resource Person: Dr. Riaz Ahmad (DQA)​
1​6 Jan, 2018​ College of E&ME, Rawalpindi
​Seminar ​​Awareness Seminar on University Ranking & OBE for SCEE:
Resource Person: Dr. Riaz Ahmad (DQA)​
1​1 Jan, 2018​​ ​​SCEE Seminar Hall​​​​
​Seminar ​Awareness Seminar on University Ranking & OBE for ASAB, SADA and RCMS: Resource Person: Dr. Riaz Ahmad (DQA)​ 1​0 Jan, 2018 ​ASAB Seminar Hall​​
​Seminar ​Awareness Seminar on University Ranking & OBE for PNEC:
Resource Person: Dr. Riaz Ahmad (DQA)​
​02 Jan, 2018​​ ​PNEC Karachi ​​
​Seminar ​​Awareness Seminar on University Ranking & OBE for RIC:
Resource Person: Dr. Riaz Ahmad (DQA)​
​27 Dec, 2017​ PDC Seminar Hall​​
​Meeting ​Briefing on methodology of National and International Ranking of Universities 07 Dec, 2017 ​Rector Conference Room​​
​Seminar ​Awareness Seminar on Quality Assurance in Higher Education
Resource Person: Dr. Riaz Ahmad (DQA)​
15 Sep, 2017​ NUST SEECS Seminar Hall​
​Conference ​Standardization / Modification of QA Feedback Forms for Engineering Programs
08 Oct, 15​​​ ​Mian Office NUST, Islamabad ​
​Conference ​QA Feedback System 01 Oct, 15​ ​Mian Office NUST, Islamabad ​
​Improving QS Ranking of NUST, 1st Intra-NUST Research Conference 08 Nov, 14​ Jinnah Auditorium NUST​
Seminar Self Assessment Process
01 Oct, 14​

S3H-NUST, Islamabad​

Seminar ​Quality Assurance at NUST for CIPS Faculty 25 Sep, 14 (Afternoon)​ ​Mian Office NUST, Islamabad 
Seminar ​Quality Assurance at NUST for C3A Faculty
25 Sep, 14 (Morning)​ NUST-C3A, Islamabad​
Status of Self Assessment Process at NUST during 2011-13 
23 July, 13​
 Jinnah Auditorium -NUST, Islamabad
Wor​kshop Role of Program Teams in Self Assessment Process  13 Dec, 12​ AM College, Rawalpindi​
Seminar Imp​roving Quality of Teaching & Research in the Preview of HEC Ranking-2012 03 ​May, 12 Main Office NUST, Islamabad
Wo​rkshop Role of Assessment Team  03 O​ct, 11 N​UST H-12, Islamabad
Fo​rum Higher E​ducation Quality Assessment  21-22 Mar,11 NU​ST, Islamabad & FJWU, Rawalpindi
Semi​nar Quality A​ssurance and Self-Assessment Procedures  07 Mar,​ 11​​ NUS​T, Islamabad
Semi​nar ​Enhancement of Quality of Teaching and Research for NBS Faculty 26 Mar,​ 09 NBS-​NUS​T, Islamabad
Semi​nar ​QA at NUST (An overview of NUST QEC),
 Facilitator: Engr M. Ismail (DQA)
28 Mar,​ 08 NUST, Rawalpindi
Semin​ar Quality A​ssurance for NIIT (now SEECS) Faculty 21 S​ep, 07 NIIT (now SEECS),​ Rawalpindi
Quali​ty Assurance at NUST (during Deans’ Conference) 13 S​e​p, 07​ NUST, Rawalpindi
Seminar ​SA OF Model Department at NIIT (now SEECS) Faculty 30 July, 07 NIIT (now SEECS), Rawalpindi
Seminar​ Quali​ty Assurance in Higher Education 10 Dec, 05​ PNEC, Karachi
Seminar​​ (Presentation) Quality Assurance in Higher Education (during ACM)  1​6-17 Sep, 05 NUST, Rawalpindi

​ ​​​​​​​