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Community Service Learning course students took part in “Mural Painting” project
Mural painting is a CSL Project having the target to improve the conditions of walls by cleaning and painting them for an attractive and refreshing look. After consideration the walls of 2 schools were selected due to their poor condition.
The first implementation took place at SAAYA School F-12 Islamabad on Monday, 26th October, 2015. A total of 21 participants started working on the verandah walls of SAYA School at 10:30 am. The aim was to provide educational assistance to the students through the painting. Ideas were exchanged, colorful paints were highlighted and after an enjoyable session by the time the clock ticked 4:00 pm; a solar system, pollination, a painting regarding cleanliness and a water cycle were in existence. A flag bearing wall was also white washed and the flag of Pakistan repainted. The children were explained the importance of these paintings as well.
The second implementation took place at Islamabad Model School for Boys G-11/2 on Tuesday, 27th October 2015. The rest of the 22 participants reached the school at 1:00 pm. The purpose was to make the classroom conditions neat and to give the walls a clean look. Two classrooms were selected the walls of which were in a very poor condition. Hence amidst the dust and dirt, brushes and rollers were used to white wash the walls. A single wall was given at least 2 coatings. By the time participants were done, the walls were presenting a revitalizing and cool look.