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DHA Suffa University conducts sessions on medical and safety procedure
Sessions on disaster management were held in the DSU auditorium on the 25th of January, 2018 for the Management Sciences department, and on the 29th January, 2018 for the department of Computer Sciences. The purpose of organizing these sessions was to create awareness on the safety and medical produces at DSU so that students and faculty could be prepared in case of any unforeseen emergency. The session was conducted by the Admin and Security Officer in collaboration with the Indus Hospital Blood Center and the DHA Medical Centre. The presentation consisted of a safety evacuation plan in case of any emergency, and students were educated on basic first aid methods. The session was organized so that chaos and casualties could be minimized in case of any terrorist activity, natural disaster or medical emergency on campus. Such sessions will continue to be conducted at DSU to ensure safety and wellbeing of all persons at the university.​​