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Dr Khalida speaks to Community Service Learning course students

NUST Community Service Club (NCSC) held its last seminar on April 10, 2014 for Community Service Learning (CSL-401) course students this semester, in which two speakers were invited. Mr. Naqash gave a lecture on first aid, in which he explained the importance of the topic and the need to get the training. He explained the basic life saving tips that can be used when in need and later on he demonstrated them by asking some students to volunteer and act as victims of different accidents and emergencies.

The second speaker of the day was Dr Khalida. Dr Khalida has done her Phd from Michigan University and in her lecture; she explained the difficulties and challenges that Pakistani students have to face when they go abroad to study. She also highlighted the issues that the Muslims in general and Overseas Pakistanis in particular faced every day, and she talked about an organization that helped both of these communities with these matters. She said that cultural difference is a great shock for many people, and in that case, people that can understand the situation that one goes through, can help them in coping with the changes, and rather using them in a positive way to one’s advantage.