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Dr. Patricia’s Sessions with CSL students
Every year, final year candidates are mandated by NUST to enroll into CSL (community services learning class) project and this criterion has been followed every year. The classes are organized to give the students insight into the community services.  Hence on this basis, NCSC planned to organize a session.

A Small interactive session took place in which a renowned speaker, Dr. Patricia Omidian. Dr. Patricia is a humanitarian and activist on international level. She has done immense amount of work in Pakistan and was there to provide guidance regarding community services. The main audience were the final year students of NBS s3h as well as SNS, who were there to discuss their community service project.

Moreover, she shared many of her stories including her visit to KPK. During her stay, she sensed the depression to be higher among the women of KPK than the Afghan refugees, mentioning the fact that she has done her PhD on afghan refugees. According to her observation, the reasons that she concluded for the depression and anxiety among these women were: lack of security, lack of support, dependence and  no organizations (either international or national) taking in charge of their welfare. Thereafter, she shared her experiences in Pakistan, where she had to combat with several clashing ideas, beliefs and opinion of people as well as lifestyle.

At the end of the session points, tips and advices were heeded to the candidates regarding their projects.