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Experience NUST 2017
After immense hard work and determination of our dedicated team, NCSC was finally prosperous in pulling off one of the biggest events of the society, “Experience NUST”. The main objective of the event is to present amazing aspects of NUST and what the university can provide the students of FSC/A level in their upcoming futures.
This year, the event took place on the morning of 3rd April 2017. Amazingly, students of several schools showed up at 10- 11 am and were visibly seen across the whole SMME seminar hall. The schools that came up were as follows:
·    Islamabad model college for boys
·    Beaconhouse school
·    Westminister school
·    Scienta
·    Torcia
To inaugurate a well-organized event, the team came up with an excellent solution by distributing cards of different colors such as yellow, blue, green to several students.  Commencement of the event occurred with a speech by Faculty sponsor NCSC, Dr. Safdar, followed by a welcome address by Dr. Abdul Ghafoor, Principal SMME.
In the seminar hall, some of the NUSTians presented tips and tricks for passing NET test as well as ways to hunt for your own field of interest. Moreover, each department was described thoroughly and what importance they hold. It was impressive to listen to one of the students giving a presentation about his own personal life as a NUSTian. Some guests seem to be enthusiastic and curious as they questioned their doubts which were to be answered by the speakers. Following the discussion session, half of the guests according to their card colors were guided towards refreshment while every department representative sat on the arranged desks exhibiting the innovative ideas to the remaining ones.
There was a division into two groups: one were headed to NBS and S3H whereas the other were guided to SMME, SCME and NICE . Different labs, places, attributes and technologies were elaborated to the visiting guests in each department.