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Fempower a New Initiative for Women Empowerment
Fempower is an ambitious initiative for women empowerment taken by a group of university students using the platform of NUST community service. They aim to use the pervasive influence of social media and its wide outreach to raise the plight of women in need. One story at a time, the team covers individuals in troublesome circumstances and by sharing their story with the millions of users of social media, they hope to raise resources from the public and channel them to the person concerned. They hope to provide voice to the millions of stories gone unheard in the chaos of everyday life, to bridge the wide gap between the group of individuals in need and the sector of population eligible to help.
In the short span of time since its birth, the campaign has brought forward 7 such stories. The team has responsibly made an aligned and neutral bank account in the name of ‘fempower’, where all the donations can be made. As of now, one lady has been enabled to pay back her debt, while sewing machines were provided to two others allowing them to earn respectable income. With the highly active and well maintained social media page, the team brings stories of despair and plight from around us to our sight.
 A primitive yet innovative idea, this campaign has a long way to go and promises great outcomes.