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IESE conducts Seminar on Environmental Protection

A seminar on environmental protection was organized by NCSC on March 8 , in which Mr. Imran Hashmi, Associate Professor at NUST Institute of Environmental Science and Engineering (IESE), SCEE gave a presentation on water pollution, hospital waste management, solid waste management, air pollution and pesticide pollution.

The presentation included instructions and recommendations for individual contributions that can remarkably enhance the efforts spent worldwide to protect the environment like waste segregation, saving in water consumption, energy saving, emission reduction and dissociation of industrial land from residential areas. Speaking to the gathering, Mr. Hashmi highlighted the environmental hazards faced by our country. He spoke about the importance of water and stressed how it was becoming a precious entity with the passage of time. He also emphasized the need to revolutionize our energy production methods by switching to renewable sources of energy.

At the end of the seminar, Mr. Hashmi gave instructions and recommendations on individual and social behavior that contribute to the preservation of the environment. Many students from different faculties attended the seminar. This event is continuous invitation by NCSC for the welfare of our environment inspired by various international organizations such as World Wildlife Fund (WWF).