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International Women’s Conference

NCSC Members attend the closing ceremony of ‘International Women’s Conference’ on November 29 2013, organized by Islamic International University in Quaid e Azam Auditorium, Faisal Mosque. The 2 day conference was organized on the theme of ‘Emerging role of Women in Muslim Societies-Opportunities and Challenges’ and was attended by delegates from more than 20 countries around the world, such as Turkey, Egypt, Malaysia, Sudan, Thailand and Iran.

The conference held sessions on different issues that the modern Muslim Woman faces in today’s setup, including ‘Women at Work’ and ‘Educational Opportunities and Preferences’. In the closing ceremony, the participants of the conference put forward their recommendations to the governments of the Muslims countries and it was announced that a follow up conference would be held after three years, in order to study the impact. It was demanded that women be given flexible working hours and maternity leaves from work, to bridge the gap between governments and civil societies as well as to understand the respect and honor of a woman and to focus on family as a basic unit.

The event was attended by Rector IIU Dr. Masoom, Pro Chancellor Ripah Mr. Hassan M. Khan and Chairperson Intl Muslim Women Union Dr. Kausar Firdaus, among others.