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Mentoring and Coaching about Water Conservation at NUST
CSL-401 (Community Service Learning course) participants carried out an awareness campaign regarding water conservation in NUST. The objective of the project was mentoring and coaching community of NUST about conserving water. Every year especially in summers NUST has to face serious water shortage issue because there is not a single water supply line installed in the university from CDA. The only source available to meet the water needs in NUST is through boring and the small lakes located near SEECS (School of electronic, electrical and computing engineering) are for maintaining the water level. Unfortunately, as per the findings of initial survey done to analyze the trends of utilization of water by NUST community it was observed that there is a dire need of bringing awareness regarding water conservation in NUST. For this we took a small step and built up a team with an agenda to visit different places of NUST and see how much water is used d how much is being wasted. In the execution phase the team members mentored the people how to conserve the water by adapting best practices that are also practiced worldwide to save water. The areas that were targeted were NUST Car Wash Area, NUST main Masjid and all NUST Hostels.