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NCSC’s Senior Citizen Rights team renovates Dar-ul Affiat

The NUST Community Service Club (NCSC) Senior Citizen Rights (SCR) team realized the importance and sacrifices of the old in our society and decided to use one of their weekends to give back to this precious segment of society. On 26th and 27th April, 2014 with the help of their volunteers, NCSC SCR team headed to Dar-ul-Affiat old home in Rawalpindi to renovate its current condition. But before the members and volunteers got to work they introduced themselves to the residents at Dar-ul-Affiat developing a friendly and respectful relationship with all of them. Most of the first day was spent in white washing a large part of the premises. The rest of that day the rooms were cleared out, the furniture dusted and then properly reinstalled inside. The next day the remaining rooms were taken care of as well as the dining room and work was done to improve the overall look of the old home so that the residents felt comfortable, relaxed and happy in these premises.

The volunteers worked around 8 hours each day under the supervision of both Sir Ahmed Mehfooz and Brig Arif Director Admin to renovate the old home from its deplorable state before to completely livable good conditions. Even though the volunteers gave the residents gifts in the end it was they who left with a much bigger and better gift, that were the prayers and well wishes from the old. And that is why the members and volunteers were certainly tired from the work they had done but were also extremely satisfied with the contribution they had made to a very important segment of society.