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NCSC’s Week Of Fame

NUST community service club organized events each day for an entire week. First there were free giveaways in which the first 20 people, who registered as general members of NCSC, were given free NCSC key chains.

The next day, the council wore NCSC T-shirts for promotion and there was also face painting. After that we had a photo booth, next day.

On Thursday 25th September, Photo Hunt was organized. Registration fee of photo hunt for general members was Rs.50 while for non members it was Rs.150. The winner team was given cash prize of Rs.4000, Photo Hunt literally provided the participants with an exciting journey of Nust, in which they solved the riddles, tracked down the locations and took a picture.

On Monday 29th September a free movie night for general members was organized at ASAB auditorium in which American, horror movie “MAMA” was screened.