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NCSC Blood Donation 2017
As one of NUST Community Service Club’s signature events, the Blood Donation Drive in collaboration with the Jamila Sultana Foundation is held every year in the Spring Semester. It provides the students of NUST, the opportunity to donate their blood to patients of thalassemia. Thalassemia is a genetic disease, and since it has no cure, its patients need regular, monthly blood transfusions for their continued survival. The Jamila Sultana Foundation provides these transfusions to the poor and the deserving completely free of cost – a worthy endeavor in itself.
The Blood Donation Drive for Spring 2017 was a three-day event, held from March 7th to March 9th 2017 at NUST Medical Centre. The first two days were a bit slow due to rain, the third and final day of the BDD, was phenomenal.
The Drive continued well after 5 p.m., the usual end-point. Hostelites that hadn’t had a chance to contribute were convinced to come forward and donate.
The result of these efforts was evident in the fact that the Blood Donation Drive was the most successful drive ever held by NCSC, breaking all previous records with a total number of 306 pints collected.