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NCSC Blood Donation Drive 2016
NUST Community Service Club (NCSC) conducted its annual quarter blood donation drive in collaboration with the Armed Forces Institute of Transfusion (AFIT) at the NUST Medical Centre from the 15th to the 17th of November, 2016. The main aim of this drive was to engage the students and faculty of NUST in serving the ill and hospitalized by rejuvenating them with a fresh supply of blood.

Whenever prospective donors arrived, starting every morning at 11 am, they were taken to a series of desks where they were handed forms to fill out regarding their history of illness. A blood sample was then taken from each visitor and tested to determine his or her blood type and hemoglobin level, amongst other aspects. If they were deemed fit to donate by the AFIT personnel, the donors were handed bags which they took to the wards, where doctors saw to them and ensured that donations were made using hygienic equipment in the safest way possible.

The volunteers present at the Medical Centre were welcoming and so was the décor of the entrance. Visitors were highly encouraged to save up to 3 lives with a single donation by providing them free snacks to reenergize afterwards and by having their photographs taken at a photo booth outside. Transport was offered from the IGIS ground to the Medical Centre and back for those who needed it. Even if visitors were not keen on donating blood, they were nonetheless encouraged to contribute monetarily towards paying the screening fees for those who urgently require blood but cannot afford the 2600 rupees upfront, with a minimum donation of 50 rupees. In this manner, everyone was involved in saving lives in one way or another.

The drive concluded at 3 pm on the 17th of November with an astounding 280 pints of blood collected.