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NCSC Earthquake Relief Campaign
A powerful earthquake of 7.5 magnitude struck major cities of Pakistan on 26th October, 2015 leaving at least 279 people dead and injuring over 1300 people. NCSC believes in helping those in need immediately and so, the council, under the supervision of their faculty sponsor, Dr. Safdar, initiated its Earthquake relief campaign right after the disaster hit the country. This included hand to hand collection by NCSC council from Headquarters, Residential Area, Departments, Masjid-e-Rehmat and Cafeterias inside NUST, H-12 for three long weeks.  Through strenuous efforts and tiring hardwork, around Rs 650,000 were collected.
The NCSC liaison team along with the Office Bearers managed to buy the required warm clothes, quilts and blankets using the funds collected. The army was contacted as well to get feedback of the areas affected in the North. After all of this preparation, a team of 10 students from NCSC and NUST Volunteers Club went to Swat on 22nd November, 2015 where they were taken towards the camps where the affected families were called by the army according to the database. It took a long time to distribute the clothes and quilts to the people according to their requirements but the motivation and zeal of these 10 students was remarkable. The volunteers performed their duties without uttering a word of fatigue and were more than glad “Help the Fallen” and to assist their country fellows in every way possible.