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NCSC Masa’adah Team organizes free medical camp in collaboration with TDC
A free medical camp was organized on 8th April 2015 at Nilore, Islamabad by NUST Community Service Club (NCSC) Masa’adah team. TDC (The Diabetic Centre) also helped to organize this camp by providing equipment, specialized team and a doctor. The main aim of the camp was to provide free diabetes check-up to the people who cannot afford the facilities of the clinics and hospitals. The tests that were done included blood sugar, blood pressure, diabetic foot screening ,cholesterol level and complete BMI test. Moreover, patients were provided free medicines as prescribed by the doctor at the camp. Community service learning (CSL-401) course participants also volunteered to organize this camp.

64 patients had their complete check-up done which included blood sugar, blood pressure and BMI. Patients showing symptoms of diabetes were provided medicine. Out of the 64 patients, 7 patients were diagnosed with high blood sugar level. 15 patients had high BMI level, only 1 had high visceral fat level and 24 patients had high body fats level. All of these patients were then provided with free medicines.

Various multivitamins were also provided to people who had nutrient deficiencies.

By this camp, the team was also able to spread awareness about diabetes and its effect on human life. This provided insights to the people of the village and made them more learn-ed. People became more aware on how they could control their diabetes without medications and how they can control their BMI level and the fats percentage.