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NCSC Masaadah team and CSL participants set up a free diabetes medical camp
NUST Community Service Club (NCSC) Masaadah team along with 7 community service learning course participants set up a free medical camp for diabetes at a Social Security Dispensary in I-11/3, Islamabad on October 29th 2015. The Diabetes Centre and PharmEvo sponsored the camp.
The aim of the camp was to accomplish something in the health sector of Pakistan. Due to lack of education and financial stability, most of our population is deprived of medical facilities. So to help the underprivileged people who could not afford to purchase the medicines, the most effective way was to go to their nearby areas themselves and set up free medical camps. This was the third free medical camp of the team.
The target community of this camp was the low wage workers and social security servants who do not go to hospitals because of the costs involved.
The team collaborated with IESS dispensary administration, The Diabetes Centre and PharmEvo for setting up this camp. With help from Dr. Sahir at the IESS dispensary, the camp was set up. The Diabetes Centre and PharmEvo provided doctors, staff and equipment necessary for the camp. The project participants from NUST operated the screening tools to evaluate the blood glucose level, total body cholesterol percentage, blood pressure and BMI of the patients. The patients were then guided towards Dr. Umar from The Diabetes Centre and Dr. Sahir for consulting and provision of medicines.

Total count of patients at the dispensary was a little above 80 that day, 34 of which benefited from the free medical camp. The rest were patients with everyday injury, common cold and other less severe issues.