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NCSC Students attend Social Entrepreneurship Workshop
Students from NUST Community Service Club attended ‘Successful Social Entrepreneurship- Heart and Head together’ training workshop organized by dostiyan on December 12, 2013. The workshop focused on training the students about the various aspects of entrepreneurship, understanding the difference between entrepreneurship and social entrepreneurship, the challenges faced during the development and startup of a project and ways to overcome them. A number of motivational and experienced speakers including Dr. Zeeshan Usmani were invited who shared their experiences and observations from the industry. The workshop also consisted of an interactive session in which students were asked to rate themselves into low, medium and high risk takers and divided into groups; and they were then given activities related to designing an organization for social welfare. Based on the ability to take the number of risks, the tasks were allotted including draft making, plan presentation and money collection. The output from the activity was then used to demonstrate the weaknesses, strengths, and problems faced by an entrepreneur.