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NCSC and NUST Book Club organizes Noor-e-Chiraghan
NUST Community Service Club (NCSC) has always set the benchmark of holding the biggest events in NUST and recently collaborated with NUST Book Club. The event titled Noor-e-Chiraghan, stayed true to NCSC’s values of producing high quality work. The event itself was held on 8th October 2015. Decorated with traditional lamps (chiraghs), the social event stood out from the rest of the events which happen at NUST all around the year. 
NCSC’s purpose of this social event was to generate funds for its student fee fund, which pays the fee of a NUST student who are unable to pay their fees.
The turnout was large and consisted of individuals from all departments and batches. To entertain the masses, thorough preparations were made. Various food stalls were present that celebrated our local cuisine and just about had something for everyone. From beat boxing to an appearance from the always entertaining Khujlee Vines-the event was full of varying musical performances- but it was definitely the performance of the Qawwals that stole the show that night. A combination of coupled strong vocals with the melodious tunes of traditional instruments made the audience swayed to their performance. As the night came to an end, sky lanterns were lit and set off into which was truly a sight to be seen as the greyish black horizon was flooded with sky lanterns.
All in all, it was a successful event which provided our team the encouragement to continue improving ourselves and hold even bigger and better event next time. Approximately Rs. 50,000 was collected which will be used to pay a quarter fees of two NUST students.