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NCSC conducts course orientation for Community Service Learning Course

With the bright start of a new academic year, NUST Community Service Club (NCSC) warmly welcomed its new course participants for Fall semester 2014. An interactive orientation of the course was held on 9 September in SMME Seminar Hall for students from SMME, SNS, SCME, and ASAB. The same session was also held on 11th September, in NBS Seminar Hall for NBS and S3H participants. A team of 10 students from IST also attended the NBS session. Also in attendance were Ms. Gul, Manager Pakistan Chapter of The Talloires Network - PCTN, and a delegation from Comsats and University of Haripur.  The orientation was conducted by NCSC Faculty Head, Dr. Syed Irtiza Ali Shah.


The course participants were motivated to work for community services not merely to complete their credit hours but also to work with the pure feelings of serving people and lending a helpful, selfless hand to the mourning humanity. For true inspiration, some great quotes by the outstanding philanthropists were also quoted. The entire plan of the semester was also shared with the participants. The students were also given an exercise to rate their own standing of how to be a better human being and a patriot depending on their strengths and weaknesses.