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NCSC launches ‘Kalon’ to build self-confidence amongst female orphans

A long-planned event was finally about to start as the ‘Kalon’ team headed towards Ghonsala orphanage on 24th February 2017. There was a warm welcome by the heads, teachers and girls of age group 11-15.

As preplanned by the team members, an oath of commitment was held in which the girls were given wrist bands as a symbol that they would be whole-heartedly committed to the activities. They were also told to wear the band every time the team visited. Thereafter a cross-introduction session took place in which each girl had to introduce herself to her other girl fellows. A group was made having each volunteer by their side and to whom they had to introduce themselves again. Initially, the girls were timorous and hesitant but gradually became comfortable with the changing environment. Activities such as coloring and drawing were done. The day came to an end with the distribution of work pages which were to be filled by the girls. These pages included questions for evaluation purposes such as what do they aspire to become when they grow up and how they manage their free times etc. Each volunteer was given duty to guide the girls in filling the questionnaires.

Finally, the team headed back with many goodbyes, anticipating further visits to the Ghonsala.