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NCSC sets up a free eye camp in Chakwal in collaboration with Al-Shifa Trust
A free eye camp was organized in collaboration with Al-Shifa Eye Hospital and NUST Community Service Club on the 26th November 2016 in a village about a 40 minutes ride from the main Chakwal town.

The ability to see clearly is a precious ability but one that many people lose as time passes. In the village we visited, there were people suffering from issues such as long/short-sightedness, and cataracts. A group of doctors was present to check the eye-sight and diagnose the problems. Based on that, the villagers were given spectacles and medicines free of cost.

NCSC volunteers played their part in organizing the camp. They made sure that despite the lengthening queues, the process ran smoothly and justly. They made sure they proved themselves indispensable.

Around 450 men, women and children came to the camp with hopes of better vision and were treated on the spot while some were referred to Al-Shifa Trust clinic in Islamabad and Rawalpindi.