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NCSC team visits NUST installed water pump projects at Thar
A volunteer from NCSC visited the NUST installed water pump projects at Thar to resolve the water issue. Student, Mr. Danesh Kumar, visited the sites of the ongoing solar powered water pump project & completed projects of 16 hand pumps installed by NUST at Umerkot and Tharparkar. The installation of water pumps is being completed in collaboration with Association of Water, Applied Education & Renewable Energy (AWARE). Mr. Danesh first visited the previously installed hand pumps in 16 location in Umerkot and Tharpakar. The previously installed hand pumps were of Rs. 60,000 each and were installed in various villages of Umerkot and Tharparkar. The total beneficiaries of the wells were 5028. First location of the visit was Bheel colony UC one Umerkot . Hand pump is fully functional and community members have been fetching water since its installation. The quality of water is good and timely maintenance of the pump is ensured by the community members. Mr. Danesh proceeded to village Haji Shoaib Sand. Here the location of hand pump is of importance because it has been installed in the center, surrounded by a mosque, a school and the residential area. The water quality is satisfactory and condition of the pump is good too.


Danesh visited village Faqeer Abdullah, the head quarter of UC where two hand pumps are installed. Here the importance of the installation of hand pump can be understood by the fact that majority of the population of this area were affected by cholera and pneumonia because of the use of river water. After the successful installation of hand pump, these diseases are nearly eliminated. Mr. Danesh along with the team from AWARE met with community members and all 16 wells are fully functional and the lives of the inhabitants of Thar have been made easier.​