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NUST Leadership Summit 2016
NUST Community Service Club (NCSC) held a new project titled NUST Leadership Summit’16, held on the 14th May 2016 in NIT seminar hall in collaboration. Despite being the first event of its kind in NUST, NCSC were able to pull in around 250 attendees from 20 different universities. After the registration process and distribution of teams, the event kicked off at 10 am with the speakers from Counseling Pro followed by two giants of this domain, Shireen Naqvi and Umair Jaliawala from School of Leadership.
The main motivation of this program under NCSC was to create a platform where people can explore and realize their true potential. That is why we chose Power Of You as the slogan for the event.
Counselling Pro shared their own personal experiences as students about how students are brought under the microscope from day one. They explained how the comparisons can be channeled positively if they are with oneself. The importance of identifying your own area of passion to excel in life was highlighted time and time again.
After Counselling Pro set the tone, Shireen Naqvi carried the baton forward. Shireen Naqvi, a true pioneer of the art of motivational speaking, lived up to her billing. Her discussion took a different take. She emphasized on never settling for a lower standard and to replace “or” with “and” to achieve all of your goals. The sense of duty to others and society were also touched upon along with the difficulties women face in everyday life and what our education system lacks.
Finally, after the lunch break, it was Umair Jaliawala’s turn to wow the audience. He also brought up the dire state of our education. His main theme was the power of the mind over the body. Most of the times, it is the mental obstacles that hold us back. To drive home the point, he incorporated various fun activities that kept the crowd alive. There was also a scavenger hunt of sorts that gave a list of tasks/items to be completed. The purpose behind it was to showcase the perfect work environment and how to be productive in teams.
After the speakers the event concluded with a tea break at 5 pm. Overall, there were many light hearted moments as all the speakers maneuvered the audience masterfully. There wasn’t ever a dull moment as everyone remained engaged from start to end. NCSC team, both the facilitators, who worked on the front end, to the organizers and event heads, who worked on the back end, remained busy to make sure of it.
As the dust settled, the great feedback felt like justified reward of our hard work. Without the support of the event’s sponsors HBL and FFC, media partners Aloo Clan, 24 Channel, FM 91 and Meri Awaz Suno and merchandise partners Meena Bazaar along with the facilitation of NUST Administration, the success of the event would not have been possible.