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NUST installs Solar powered water pump at Thar
NUST in collaboration with Association of Water, Applied Education & Renewable Energy (AWARE) successfully completed the installation of solar powered water pump at Revi-ji-Dhani UC Faqeer Abdullah District Umerkot, Thar. NUST had received around Rs 900,000 in donations for resolving the issue of water at Thar for hand pumps. However, after completion of a thorough feasibility study by AWARE, no other location was deemed fit for installation of hand pumps. After much deliberation, AWARE suggested to install a solar powered water pump in Umerkot. The donors were first asked for their consent for the project. After receiving the permission from the donors, AWARE were asked to begin the project.

Solar PV system operated pump drags out underground water from depth of 300 feet. Water is stored in fiberglass tank for further distribution through pipelines to each household. Awareness sessions were organized for women, children and elder male members of community by highlighting the importance of health & hygiene in relation to safe water. An operator has been selected for maintenance and operation of solar pump system with consultation of community. Operator has been trained on operation of system and billing procedure etc. Following objectives were achieved:

·         Provided drinking water for 159 persons including children/students

·         Watering facility for 134 animal heads developed

·         Promoted participatory development approach by engaging community to increase the access of the people in Revi-ji-Dhani U.C Faqeer Abdullah to safe drinking water through installation of one solar water pump.

·         Improved health and hygiene of the people by providing safe drinking water and raising awareness among them

·         Reduced absenteeism and drop-out ratio among school going age children through provision of safe drinking water

·         Empowered women by providing safe drinking water through alternative energy

NCSC volunteer, Mr. Danesh Kumar, visited this site after completion of the project. Around 30 connections are attached to the pump. The pump has proved beneficial for the people in a way that it has given a new hope to the people as since last 40-50 years they have been collecting water from Cheel band village which is around three kilometers away. As per the people, their whole day used to spend just in fetching water.  They said they had lost hope that they would ever get water at their doorstep. They had assigned women and children with the task of fetching water daily. Now they have promised to use that time effectively by sending their children to schools, and employing women on handicraft business.