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Edvolution team of NUST Community Service Club started off this year to rivet everyone’s direction towards the basic need of education for all individuals without any discrimination. Statistics reveal that unfortunately, Pakistan has one of the lowest budgets confiscated for educational purposes. According to GDP data of year 2004, only 2% was spent on education. The council kicked-off its journey with an awareness campaign at H-12 for the sole purpose and motto “Education is everyone’s birth right”. In order to spread the word, different sessions for parents counseling were conducted. All the parents were beseeched to increase the cognizance about education.

The target was to set the passion for education on fire and to ignite its importance for the survival in the society. The sessions enabled them to infer that lack of education cannot lead to the lala land in minds of their children. Willingness forms were signed by the parents who intended to set their children on the rails of education. The response from the parents was heartwarming and the team was gravely appreciated. At the end of the day, Mr. Nabeel Younis, NUST-SMME faculty member, visited the site and he talked to the assemblage in savoir-faire manner.

PCTN National University of Sciences and Technology (NUST) - Parents Councelling