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NCSC Edvolution team launched an educational project for Maseeh Gill colony H-12., Islamabad; an unheeded slum area with less fortunate residents and people living hand to mouth. Nearly 95% of children attend government schools and suffer from the deprivation of home tuitions. Nowadays, tutelage demands high costs. Due to the uneducated background, downplaying of education and work load, parents are unable to attend to their children. 

The project aims to provide the less fortunate with home tuitions gratis. Team is in continuous coordination with the school heads and is synchronized with their curricula.  There are a few points that require play ups which includes guidance to identify life’s objectives as well as the signification of education. Along with the aforementioned points, the team also intends to swipe off and eradicate the concept of child labor from minds of all individual alike as well as spread awareness towards the technological advances. The project is designed in such a way that on the alternate days educational sessions are conducted in which students from nursery to matriculation are targeted. In last month, successful sessions have been conducted and the results are extremely promising.